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So instead of finishing the massive cleanout I need to do in my room to make way for painting, I decided to finish this little idea of mine I've had for a while!

Unfortunately, I had to use several tracks from the same soundtracks over and over again, but accordion is hard to find, man! Still, I think it'll keep you guys entertained~

Oh, also, 'FITB' stands for 'Fill In The Blanks', made to get your imagination juices flowin'! :3 There's a small description inside~

Twelve Tracks for a Fill-In-The-Blanks FSTCollapse )

[[HELP, I'M ALIVE]] - A Left 4 Dead 2 FST

It's been a while since I helped put one together! 'Helped' being the operative word, because I only supervised its making a little and made the cover and back art.

My friend Dragon (again, we're such nerdy buddies XD) put it aaaaaall together~ We've been playing L4D2 together for like...weeks because we're insane like that. And in a couple days it'll be the original L4D that well tackle, hurr hurr.

Well, enjoy! :D

Thirteen Tracks & One Bonus TrackCollapse )

[[XENOSPHERE]] - A Spock Instrumental FST

Aaaand of course look who had to go DO IT AGAIN. More FST for the music's soul. But it's instrumentals this time! <3 Pretty things! pretty things with erhus god I love erhus

And now I have to go sleep for a dentist appointment tomorow in ooooh...6 hours?

ALSO I'M TURNING 18 IN TWO DAYS. WTF. (If you consider the fact that it's past midnight now, anyway.)

Twelve Instrumental Tracks & Cover/Back ArtCollapse )

[[WHITE SHADOWS]] - A Captain Kirk FST

I don't make FSTs.

I just did.


Disk One & Disk Two & Bonus TracksCollapse )